Ever since Walt Disney created Disney World he set the standard for today’s amusement parks. Even to this day, not many can top it. Disney World finds a way to make a simple amusement park meal, into a magical experience. You have the opportunity to be transported to a baseball game, New Orleans, or even under the sea. Eating at Disney World is more than just a meal, it’s an experience! Here are 5 unique and magical places to eat that are a must see on your next trip to Disney World.

Coral Reef Restaurant


This is definitely a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Located in Epcot’s Future World, The Coral Reef is lined with giant windows that gaze into an even greater aquarium. The scenery slowly diversifies during your meal so you will always be stunned at the ever-changing wildlife of the sea.

This restaurant is one of the pricier ones found in the Epcot’s Future World and has a primarily seafood dominated menu, but you can easily find something for all. The scenery itself is what the majority of the tourists come for but they stay for the ambience and comfort after a long day of adventure. The price range is about $15 to $29.99 USD per adult.

Casey’s Corner


This ballpark food themed restaurant is located on Main Streets USA in the Magic Kingdom.  If you miss the unique taste and feel of a ballpark hotdog this is the place for you. The uniquely themed restaurant makes you feel like you’re stuck in the 60’s and getting prepped for the 1961 World Series.

They have a very simple and classic menu that serves hot dogs, fries, nuggets and corndogs. The average price is about $14.99 and under. Casey’s Corner is a quick stop option for the family to grab a bite in-between their travels.


Tusker House Restaurant


The Tusker House is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is an African-American family style buffet. This restaurant has absolutely everything. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something they can enjoy on the buffet menu. They serve everything from scrambled eggs, strawberry turnovers, and fruit cobbler for breakfast to oven-roasted red skin potatoes with rosemary for dinner. The average price is around $30.00 to $59.99 USD per adult.

They also offer an in-character dining experience, but it is only for breakfast, so keep that in mind. With its wild theme, the whole family can enjoy the night at the Tusker House.

T-Rex Café


Looking to take your kids on an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further, the T-Rex café is like eating dinner on the set of Dinosaurs the movie. It is located in the Downtown Disney Area; you can’t miss it, just look for the giant dinosaurs. The Diner has a full prehistoric atmosphere; they even have a Build-A-Dino workshop inside. If you really want a treat, head to the Meteor Room and watch a meteor shower every couple of minutes.

The T-Rex Café is part of the Premium, Platinum and Wine and Dine packages. The average amount for meals is around $15 to $29.99 USD per adult.

Chef Mickey’s


This is a classic buffet located in the Magic Kingdom at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It is definitely one of the more popular locations to eat. Having in-costume characters serving your table such as Donald, Minnie, and the man himself – Mickey Mouse – will make anyone have a permanent smile. They serve anything from traditional meals such as chicken nuggets and pizza to more diverse meals like Thai Curry and Seasoned Salmon. Setting a reservation for this location is recommended since it is always in high demand. The average prices are about $30 to $59.99 USD per adult, so it is easily one of the more expensive restaurants in Disney World.

You can find detailed maps for these locations using the application Disney World Dining. When using applications on free Wi-Fi or out in a crowded area, try to use a virtual private network to mask your private information. Especially when traveling it is important to take extra security measures to keep flight, payment, and other travel information private.

Whether you decide to dine with Mickey, eat under the sea, or go back in time with the dinosaurs, you’re dining experience at Disney World will be like nothing you have ever experienced. Try out one of these restaurants, or discover your own favorite. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re at “the happiest place on earth.”


I’ll be making a post or two about my paranormal experiences in the states, but this is one that happened internationally for me and my friend, Dan. This one comes from a Malaysian urban legend called “The Fetus Ghost” and apparently what you can do to abolish this little demon thing. When I think of a demon fetus, I think of the dancing baby from the 90’s. Now that was creepy.

Malaysia has some pretty weird urban legends including demon vaginas, evil babies and big boobs. Sounds like a party, right? The toyol, also known as a dead baby, is apparently resurrected by an evil demon to enter resident’s homes and then the baby robs whatever it can take. Because, why wouldn’t you just rob it yourself or get a job when you can resurrect a baby using demon forces?

Malaysians are terrified of this demon baby. Because of this, they keep their money and other prized possessions near mirrors and needles, because apparently that’s a demon baby’s kryptonite. But if you leave toys out like marbles, rocks and whatnot, it will forget the master’s orders and play with these toys.

But when I had visited Malaysia to do some volunteer work, I actually came into a situation where I had indirectly met this hell-drenched fetus.

My friends and I woke up one morning, and it must have been around noontime. We had stayed up rather late because of the time change. My friend Dan was missing $20 (converted) from his wallet. He thought he might have dropped it somewhere on the train. Nope.


A neighbor knocked on the door of the person who was housing us for the night. In his native tongue, Malay, he asked the host if we had been missing anything, and his locket was not where he had put it the night before when he went to bed. Of course, this was translated to us. Our house host, a longtime friend that moved to the area from the states, asked us if we were missing anything and that the neighbor also ran into someone else that had the same problem.

Dan spoke up about his $20 being missing and the neighbor started having some sort of a panic attack and came in. He was still speaking in his native tongue so we had no idea what he was saying. Then our host (his name was Lennox), told us about the urban legend.

But it didn’t stop there. When we heard something drop upstairs, we all looked at each other and Lennox ran upstairs. The neighbor stayed downstairs and refused to go explore. So naturally, Dan and I’s curiosity ran up with Lennox. When they got upstairs, everything on his nightstand was pushed off, like the jewelry boxes, but they were empty except for some broken pieces. Then the rickety closet doors started shaking.

When Lennox opened the closet doors, a shadow ran into the dark corner of the closet. I of course, booked it because I’m a scared ass. Lennox then screamed and I ran back up, but not into the room.

Lennox came back out and the others had followed me. In a pant, he said, “I saw a child, like, a baby! And then it was gone.” The neighbor yelled something in his foreign tongue and ran out back towards his house. Lennox said, “The toyol!” I then said, “The what?” Lennox educated us on what the hell a toyol was and what they did. Dan and I thought it was a prank because we were knew to the area and were only staying a short time. We thought we were getting our “moneys worth”.

Lennox still acted weird afterwards, but we didn’t believe him until two nights after when my bracelet was missing from my guest bed after I got out of the shower…

A few years ago, my friends and I thought it’d be fun to visit a few cemeteries and see if we could conjure up any spirits, hoping they would manifest themselves in some way. Knowing that wouldn’t happen, we all went along with it. We visited one cemetery in Massachusetts and then we went to one around the corner from it that had a story surrounding one of the graves.

The grave in question was a stone rocking chair that represented a rocking chair a little girl died in when her house burst into flames. The story was that she loved her mother and obeyed everything she said as she was 4 years old and didn’t know any other way. When her mother went to go hang clothes out on the clothesline in 1882, her mother told her to stay in the chair until she was back in the house. The fireplace caught something in the house on fire and Pearl (the little girl) perished in the house because she didn’t want to disobey her mother by getting out of the chair.

No one knew if that story was true or just something made up to be creepy. Either way, one of my dumb friends decided to bring a Ouija board (which I don’t remember having knowledge of until they took it out of the car). But when we got to the site, another group of kids pulled up in an SUV, and it was like a clown car. I would say 6 or 7 people got out of it, and they were there for the same reason. Weird, yes, considering I don’t remember it being a party night. I’m pretty sure it was a weeknight.

So my friend put the Ouija board on the back part of the grave and we all huddled around it, including this new group of people from the SUV. One of the girls was extremely sassy and didn’t believe in ghosts, so she was sitting in the driver’s seat of the SUV with the door open, back talking every question we asked the ghost.

The girl then said “I’m gonna go run to Dunkin Donuts. Anyone want anything?” And she asked her friends what they wanted. She then tried turning on the car and it was completely dead. We were all weirded out including the owner of the SUV. He claimed it was pretty new and was working fine. Then two of my friends randomly got panic attacks. They couldn’t breathe and felt as if something was pressing on their chests. This happened all within 2 minutes or so.

We heard noises from the woods next to the cemetery, where there were no lights at all, so my other friend and I decided to walk through with a flashlight. In the distance, we heard cries of “help” from a young voice. We started walking closer towards the voice thinking someone actually needed help. But when we finally got to where we thought we heard it, we were already through to the other side of the woods, where the first part of the cemetery was. The voice was all around us but not in sight. It was nowhere but everywhere at once. We ran back through the woods and to our friend as fast as possible.

The SUV was still not turning on and once we all got into one area, we decided to call AAA. We stayed with the group until they came but once they came, the tow truck driver said the battery was fine and it shouldn’t have died. Then our friend told us that ghosts drain the batteries of anything near it because of the electromagnetic activity.

Two hours later, when they towed the SUV, we got back in our car and proceeded to drive around the city. We all knew we must have pissed some energy off. There were no police calls in the local online newspaper reporting the woman screaming and there were no calls from near the location we were in, the next day. We weren’t sure if the voice we heard was themother from the burning house that night in the 1880’s or if it was just a couple of kids playing pranks on us that night. But we found out that others have had similar experiences and we have never been back there since. It’s been 3 years and I refuse to go near another Ouija board and a place that is the nucleus of a haunting.

Moral of the story: never, ever, bring a Ouija board to a supposedly haunted place – wait, no. Scratch that. Never touch or look at a Ouija board, ever.