1. Tulip Flower Fields in Netherlands   Also known as flower bulb cultivation, these colorful and quilted type fields have come to represent Holland and became a trademark. These fields are in blossom during every April when cultivators place and plant them every March. They usually run until May, at the end of Tulip, Read More

Located between Japan and Papua New Guinea, the Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, residing in the Pacific. Lets face it, the deeper and creepier something is, the more we want to know about it. Because I’ll never be able to have courage to go anywhere near myself, I decided to, Read More

Haiti, England and Asia are home to some crazy paranormal stories and myths. Check out what’s true and untrue in our findings below. “Ghosts Don’t Come Out During The Day!” A lot of people are afraid of the dark and you can’t see in it, only hear. This is probably where it stems from., Read More

If you’re eating or thinking about getting ideas from these delicacies, I’d have to advise you to put down the food. You won’t have an appetite after this. How far are you willing to go to eat something? These dishes are seen in places like Japan, South Korea, Iceland and more.   Fugu This, Read More

In this day and age with technology, they’re discovering a crazy amount of things from our world’s past. But underwater cities take the cake with mystery, creepiness and wonder. Check out the top 10 underwater cities below. Bet you didn’t even think there were that many! 6. Yonaguni, Japan In Japan, there’s a mysterious, Read More