5 Paranormal Myths From Around The World

Haiti, England and Asia are home to some crazy paranormal stories and myths. Check out what’s true and untrue in our findings below.

“Ghosts Don’t Come Out During The Day!”


A lot of people are afraid of the dark and you can’t see in it, only hear. This is probably where it stems from. Researchers have concluded that unexplainable phenomena can also happen during the day as a lot of people were alive during the daytime. It is said that most people who die in their sleep die at around 3 am. So you may have more luck in the light! Some places in England are said to be more haunted in the daytime including Crowley Hall in Northern England. A hospital for children, it is said to be haunted constantly by Dr. Bernard Leys who worked there.


“Bigfoot is fake and there is no proof of the existence!”


Scientists have studied evidence of Bigfoot for a long time and have concluded that there is a large chunk of evidence that proves he (or she) does exist. This includes poop, blood, fur/hair, tissue and more. Some of these primatologists include Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and Dr. Jane Goodall as well as many others. Yeti is a Himalayan Bigfoot that is said to be real based on scientific studies and evidence. Pictured is the supposed head of a yeti found in the Himalayas.

“Zombies are totally supernatural.”


This seems like it doesn’t make sense, but it does. Thanks to George Romero, the term “zombie” had changed into a pandemic of biological chemical mix-ups and reanimated corpses. While the phenomena in movies are slightly unexplained, this still doesn’t categorize it as supernatural. Before 1968 (Romero’s release of Night Of The Living Dead), people used the term “zombie” to describe slaves who were created by a Haitian voodoo spell. They were soulless because they were created specifically to be a slave. They were missing part of their soul and part of their flesh. This was a part of Caribbean Folklore in Haitian Mythology.


“This place is too new to be haunted!”


Don’t discredit paranormal activity based on the age of the place and don’t discredit because there hasn’t been a death on the premises! Something can be haunted no matter how young or old. If a building was built on top of a cemetery or place of significance, you can definitely have paranormal activity. Even being near a cemetery can cause paranormal activity due to spirits passing. Hello, haven’t you seen Paranormal Activity?!


“NO ONE Believes in Vampires…”


This isn’t entirely true. While some think they are fake, In a recent story from Indian, politicians placed a bounty on vampires that apparently went to village farms and sucked the blood out of cows. This happened in Dharampuri in Tamil Nadu, which then lead to the 2004 “dig up” of a corpse in Romania. You can find out more about these stories here and here.


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