Top 5 European Amusement Parks

Traveling may give you a thrill, but so will these amazing amusement parks! I’ve compiled a list of some I have visited as well as some I’m crazy about visiting soon. Check out the list below!




This Italian theme park is extremely popular and usually has around 2.7 million visitors annually. Its backdrop is the stunning Lake Garda (hence the name). Not only is it a theme park, but it also has a hotel and Aquarium. This amusement park is so popular because it has a great theme throughout its rides. One of its newer riders, Raptor, is said to be amazing!



Europa Park


This is the most authentic and popular park for Europe that doesn’t involve anything with Disney. While they have family rides, a lot of their rides are for the more advanced and even has Europe’s tallest roller coaster. The Silver Star drops at 219 feet but reaches a height of 239 feet. The length is just over a mile long and it goes up to 80 miles per hour. It’s about a 3-minute ride and the G force is 4. You must be 4 and a half feet at least, to ride! They even go as far as making sure comfort levels on the rides are ideal, meaning there are no over the shoulder restraints.


Tivoli Gardens


This next spot goes to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and has an annual attendance of 4 million. This is the second oldest amusement park in the world. They also harbor concerts and have a home vibe. This was the very theme park that inspired Walt Disney’s creations at Disneyland because he loved the vibe so much. Though, they only have one big rollercoaster and it’s called Daemonen. It took $12 million to build, it’s a twister layout and the height peak is only 92 feet. It’s a steel floorless coaster! This one is great for the newbie riders.


Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios

The second most popular amusement park is of course another Disney Park in France. While just recently adding Toy Story Play land in the past couple of years, this theme park is said to have a bad reputation. While it doesn’t have as many great attractions as the others, residents say it was not really planned well compared to the rest of the amusement parks. This year, The Ratatouille-themed park opened up inside and it definitely has competing themed rides to compare with ones back in the US including Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.


Disneyland Paris


Of course this was going to be on the list, even though it comes from the states, it’s Europe’s most famous theme park. Bringing in 11.2 million visitors a year, it has plenty of rides from back home in the US as well as some new ones you won’t find anywhere else. But, the rides at this location and are more “thrill oriented” than Disneyland back in California.

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  1. Disney Paris is one of our favorite vacation spots. We’re going to visit Garda Land next year, it looks to be a great place to visit. Thanks a million for showing us all these great attractions.

  2. Thank you for the great ideas for our next family holiday. We plan to try and visit at least one a year until we’ve seen them all!

  3. I would like to ask , if all the photos in this blog taken by you ?? there are wonderful specially disneyland paris photo

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