The Ghost Girl and the Rocking Chair – My Experience With The Paranormal

A few years ago, my friends and I thought it’d be fun to visit a few cemeteries and see if we could conjure up any spirits, hoping they would manifest themselves in some way. Knowing that wouldn’t happen, we all went along with it. We visited one cemetery in Massachusetts and then we went to one around the corner from it that had a story surrounding one of the graves.

The grave in question was a stone rocking chair that represented a rocking chair a little girl died in when her house burst into flames. The story was that she loved her mother and obeyed everything she said as she was 4 years old and didn’t know any other way. When her mother went to go hang clothes out on the clothesline in 1882, her mother told her to stay in the chair until she was back in the house. The fireplace caught something in the house on fire and Pearl (the little girl) perished in the house because she didn’t want to disobey her mother by getting out of the chair.

No one knew if that story was true or just something made up to be creepy. Either way, one of my dumb friends decided to bring a Ouija board (which I don’t remember having knowledge of until they took it out of the car). But when we got to the site, another group of kids pulled up in an SUV, and it was like a clown car. I would say 6 or 7 people got out of it, and they were there for the same reason. Weird, yes, considering I don’t remember it being a party night. I’m pretty sure it was a weeknight.

So my friend put the Ouija board on the back part of the grave and we all huddled around it, including this new group of people from the SUV. One of the girls was extremely sassy and didn’t believe in ghosts, so she was sitting in the driver’s seat of the SUV with the door open, back talking every question we asked the ghost.

The girl then said “I’m gonna go run to Dunkin Donuts. Anyone want anything?” And she asked her friends what they wanted. She then tried turning on the car and it was completely dead. We were all weirded out including the owner of the SUV. He claimed it was pretty new and was working fine. Then two of my friends randomly got panic attacks. They couldn’t breathe and felt as if something was pressing on their chests. This happened all within 2 minutes or so.

We heard noises from the woods next to the cemetery, where there were no lights at all, so my other friend and I decided to walk through with a flashlight. In the distance, we heard cries of “help” from a young voice. We started walking closer towards the voice thinking someone actually needed help. But when we finally got to where we thought we heard it, we were already through to the other side of the woods, where the first part of the cemetery was. The voice was all around us but not in sight. It was nowhere but everywhere at once. We ran back through the woods and to our friend as fast as possible.

The SUV was still not turning on and once we all got into one area, we decided to call AAA. We stayed with the group until they came but once they came, the tow truck driver said the battery was fine and it shouldn’t have died. Then our friend told us that ghosts drain the batteries of anything near it because of the electromagnetic activity.

Two hours later, when they towed the SUV, we got back in our car and proceeded to drive around the city. We all knew we must have pissed some energy off. There were no police calls in the local online newspaper reporting the woman screaming and there were no calls from near the location we were in, the next day. We weren’t sure if the voice we heard was themother from the burning house that night in the 1880’s or if it was just a couple of kids playing pranks on us that night. But we found out that others have had similar experiences and we have never been back there since. It’s been 3 years and I refuse to go near another Ouija board and a place that is the nucleus of a haunting.

Moral of the story: never, ever, bring a Ouija board to a supposedly haunted place – wait, no. Scratch that. Never touch or look at a Ouija board, ever.

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  1. That is a very scary and freaky story. The paranormal is so fascinating and so unknown. Great advice though…it’s probably ok to visit haunted houses, but I would definitely leave the Ouija board at home!!!

  2. What a great story. I get excited about almost anything paranormal. I got goosebumps reading your account of your night in the cemetery. I know the place, Mayflower Cemetery in Taunton, and would like to point out that although there are creepy stories of how Pearl French died, she was not burned in a house fire because she wouldn’t leave the chair and disobey her mother, nor did she die from a backwards fall from the chair. Her death certificate confirms that she died of meningitis.
    I also don’t like the bad press that the Ouija board gets. It is a tool to open your subconscious and/or your 3rd eye. Its like training wheels for your psychic abilities. Treating them with disrespect, or like it is a game, is going to bring about bad results, whether this is psychosomatic or from “the beyond”, I don’t have any answers. Caution should be taken when using them. Not because they are evil, but because you are opening your mind to the unknown and making yourself a conduit for communication with the other side. You should at the very least, know the basics of grounding yourself, and protecting your energy/aura before using any kind of talking board. Maybe next time, consider a ghost box in lieu of the board since it operates using its own energy and does not require anyone to “open themselves to” the spirits.

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