Nightlife, Beaches and Culture on the Greek Islands Boasting 227 inhabited islands that are surrounded by clear blue waters and glorious beaches, it’s not hard to see why Greece is such a popular tourist destination. In fact, some of these islands have become so popular that their entire economy is now centered around the, Read More

Ever since Walt Disney created Disney World he set the standard for today’s amusement parks. Even to this day, not many can top it. Disney World finds a way to make a simple amusement park meal, into a magical experience. You have the opportunity to be transported to a baseball game, New Orleans, or, Read More

I’ll be making a post or two about my paranormal experiences in the states, but this is one that happened internationally for me and my friend, Dan. This one comes from a Malaysian urban legend called “The Fetus Ghost” and apparently what you can do to abolish this little demon thing. When I think, Read More

A few years ago, my friends and I thought it’d be fun to visit a few cemeteries and see if we could conjure up any spirits, hoping they would manifest themselves in some way. Knowing that wouldn’t happen, we all went along with it. We visited one cemetery in Massachusetts and then we went to, Read More

Although the news may give you a drastically different idea of Russia, it’s actually a fairly safe, modern and very fascinating country to visit. As the largest country in the world, Russia is a place of breathtaking scenery, intriguing cities and a unique culture. Here’s my list of the top wonders of Russia you, Read More