6 Places With Weird Nature

There are plenty of beautiful places in the world, so I wanted to share them with you! Over the years with my travels, I’ve been able to see and hear of some pretty great places including some with weird but amazing nature.

  1. Dragon Blood Tree, Yemen


While this sounds like something out of that video game, Dark Souls, I can assure you that it’s real. This type of tree can be found in Socotra, Yemen. National Geographic has even made a statement about the place called “Where the Weird Things Are”. In Socotra, it has been noted that there are 700 species of animals and plant life that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. This tree is noted to create red sap, hence the name “Dragon Blood Tree”.

  1. Cave of the Crystals, Chihuahua, Mexico


This cave features incredibly large and beautiful crystals. Discoveries include on that is 39 feet long and 13 feet in diameter. The weight of this is said to be 6 times more than an adult elephant as it weighs in at 55 tons. That’s roughly 66,000 pounds! While most of it is unexplored, we don’t know what lurks in there and what other types of things you may find in there. That crystal may not be the biggest, just the biggest one they could find! You may not be able to explore the area as temperatures reach 136 degrees Fahrenheit in the cave.

  1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


There is a weird place down under in New Zealand called the Waitomo Caves. They are known for their glowworms, albino cave ants and giant crickets. This really sounds like something out of a magical movie but we can promise you it’s real! Glow worms look like stars on the ceilings of the cave. This is one of hundreds of limestone caves in the area.

  1. Lake Natron, Tanzania


Lake Natron is located in Tanzania and may have harbored Medusa’s ancestors at one point. Just kidding, but not really. The high pH levels in this lake have been known to turn animals into stone. It preserves animals that die into a state of mummification of sorts. But it does have a great ecosystem of flamingoes, flora, fish and more.

  1. Champagne Pool, New Zealand


We’re starting to think that New Zealand is an extremely cool place, having two spots on our list. This hot spring in a Northern Island of New Zealand is known for having a type of bubbling water. This is a result of carbon dioxide and it’s coloring around the edges of the hot spring, which is orange. This orange color around the edge is caused by arsenic deposits.

  1. Wulingyuan, China


In this mystical land in China, it is saturated with over 100 square miles of sandstone pillars. The count of pillars is currently over 3000. Some of these pillars are over 600 feet high and each has it’s own set of awesomeness including gorges, pools, waterfalls, caves and more. Lets not let the secret get out to too many people or else there will be 3000 sky scrapers in the pillars place.

2 Comments on “6 Places With Weird Nature

  1. Wow! Incredible pictures of some very interesting places. The Champagne Pool in New Zealand reminds me a little of Yellowstone Part in the US. After reading this article I definitely have some places to add to my bucket list!!

  2. Oh my gosh, these places are so interesting. I can’t believe places like this are on earth, some of them look like they are from another planet. Thanks for sharing all of them, very cool!!

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