5 Crazy (And Gross) Foreign Foods

If you’re eating or thinking about getting ideas from these delicacies, I’d have to advise you to put down the food. You won’t have an appetite after this. How far are you willing to go to eat something? These dishes are seen in places like Japan, South Korea, Iceland and more.


  1. Fugu


This meal is a puffer fish that people eat in Japan. You may be thinking, “people eat fish all the time!” Except this fish contains enough poison to kill 30 people. If you’re ready to die, then you might wanna try this! The reason people don’t die from it is because of the way it’s prepared. If your chef makes a mistake during preparation, he could be the reason your life ended! The season for this fish is from October to March. So head on over to your highly trusted chef and risk your life for a cool story to tell your grandkids.

  1. Fried Spider


In Cambodia, they serve a dish called “a whole lotta NOPE!” aka fried spiders. This is disgusting and I don’t understand how people volunteer to eat this stuff. I feel like prisoners should be fed this, no? These are usually of the tarantula spider species and this started as a practice when the villagers of the Khmer Rouge needed to find food. Legend has it, that these spiders increase beauty. But hey, anything to trick someone into eating a spider, right?


  1. Sannakji


While I’ve seen octopus served at Chinese restaurants, never have I ever heard of consuming LIVE octopus. The tentacles move while its seasoned and going into your mouth. Make sure you chew it though, because it’s said to cause choking and death because of the tentacles moving in ones throat. Lots of death going on in this list just to fill your tummy with stories and the enemy remains of creepy creatures.


  1. Casu Marzu


From Italy, this dish sounds like it would be luxurious and extravagant. Wait until you hear what’s in it: sheep’s milk cheese! But that’s not all, thousands of live maggots are in this cheese to break it down. Obviously this bad smelling cheese has an aftertaste that lasts for hours. Are people trying to make us not eat this? It’s working.


  1. Hakarl

From Iceland, this delicacy is called “Rotten Shark” in English. Apparently Greenland sharks are poisonous if you eat them normally, which is why they are allowed to decay. If you can get past the gross smell and rotten fishy taste, then this is your dish. Recommended: drinking lots of alcohol to the point where you won’t remember the night. Iceland makes sure to have this stocked year round and it can be seen in grocery stores there year round.

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  1. Well I’ve lost my appetite for a while. 🙂 Although I’m a fan of exotic and interesting foods, I’m not sure I could eat any of these. Fried spider? Thanks, but no!! 🙂

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