5 Best Zip-lining Spots Around The World

Zip lining is super fun and I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys it. A few of these places I’ve also been to, but not all. I’ve compiled a list based on experiences and the desire to go! Check it out below and let me know any of your zip lining experiences. J


5. Icy Strait Point in Alaska


This place is very common for cruise ships. According to the owners of the Zip Rider, this is the largest in the world. This 5,200+ feet zip line drops you down 1,300 feet over the minute and a half you’re riding. You and 5 other friends can take off at the same time on the deck and race each other! Dan was my trusty race partner as well as another couple and some random people. We had a lot of fun and made some great friends. I used Google to search the record speed and apparently it’s average is 60mph while the record is 82 mph.


4. Arenal Volcano Zip Line in Costa Rica


This crazy zip line is in Arenal Volcano Park and the two-mile ride takes you over the jungle, the volcano and the lake. The last time the Arenal Volcano erupted was 1984, but the rangers monitor the lava flow to make sure you’re able to ride safely. You won’t have to “ride at your own risk”, thankfully. Enjoy the beauty of the jungle and being so close to a volcano!


3. Simatai in China


The Gubeikou Twon of Miyun County brings you on the zip line over one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That wonder is the Great Wall of China. You can choose to chairlift or walk, you can check out the Simatai part of the wall and it’s 6th century architecture. But to go back down, you can take a zip line over the lake called Mandarin Duck Lake. Unfortunately this one isn’t open currently due to safety hazards. I also have never been on this one, but would love to!


2. Whistler in British Columbia


This zip line at Whistler, BC was actually featured in the 2010 Olympic Games (Winter – duh). The zip line includes lines that range from 200 feet to a whopping 1000 feet. But if you’re looking to be a tad more adventurous, you can choose the freestyle zip line that allows you to go upside down and pretty much scare yourself to death. But hey – it’s all a part of the zip-lining thrill!


1. Labadee in Haiti


This beautiful zip line is available to all of the Royal Caribbean cruises. This is another one that claims to be the longest/largest in the world, taking you 2,600 feet. This one drops you 500 feet over the gorgeous blue waters and mountains while keeping you between 40 and 50 miles per hour at maximum speeds.

6 Comments on “5 Best Zip-lining Spots Around The World

  1. I’m glad I came across your article. Zip lining is one of my favorite activities. I’ve had a blast at many zip lines in the US but haven’t had a chance to enjoy any overseas. Thanks to your article I know where to go the next time I can travel. Thank you!!

  2. Tried a short zipline adventure in Mexico this year. I’m from Canada’s west coast, so definitely going to have to head up to Whistler this summer! The one in China looks terrifying! 🙁

  3. I didn’t know China had an awesome zipline! I am going up to this area in a month. Do you know if the zipline in Simatai is open yet? Any news on when it will be open? It looks too cool!!!!

    • Hi! I am travelling to China in November and wodered whether the Simatain zipline is open – did you get the chance to try it?

  4. You should try the “Gibbon Experience” in Laos. Ziplining through the jungle, going from valley side to tree and back. It’s a two day experience and you do an overnight in a tree house (50 m from the ground! It helped me get over my fear of heights at least a tiny bit). Awesome!

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